The secret to the Dragon Boating technique


You might think dragon boating is fun,easy and also quite simple to learn. I mean it is after all one paddle in your hand,sitting on a bench and follwing a rhythm…however,there are many secrets behind the actual technique in dragon boating,which is why it makes the sport so addictive to people. And it is this addictiveness that a clever coach can use to take their team on a journey to realise their maximum potential.

The number one thing every coach advises, and the one thing Djordje Pavlovic,our team coach said to us ,is “to be able to make the team strong,give them a challenge”. Like that the team will have a target,work together , give their absolute best.

Challenges should get progressively harder; then drop slightly to let the paddler feel heroic and powerful. Eventually, the difficulty starts to ramp up again in order to present new challenges to the paddler.So coaches, give your crew challenges and when mastered, allow them to bathe in the glory before pushing them to the next level. Do this and you will find, not only, a much more receptive crew at training but also a fitter and more powerful crew.

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