You know you’re a real paddler when..

People tend to ask us,”what got you into dragon boat,what’s so special about it?”

Well,certainly the name itself “Dragon Boat” is pretty cool and it catches the eye,but let’s be real for a second.When you just start trainings ,you will be a but weirded out to how you will have to actually synchronize with other 19 people..also,your clothes get wet! forgot your hat,and it’s 40 degrees outside! What else can get in your way.. know you’ve become a real paddler when you get comfortable around your team,you get yourself a ‘bum mat’,some gloves maybe, a hat, an extra shirt! And of course,you buy yourself a paddle and take of it like its your baby..but that’s not it! You learn to synchronize with others,balance,listen to the rhythm of the drums,the sound of the waves,the muscles you are using,and most of all,the concentration you give in this 2-hour training.


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