Do you want become a Dragon Boat World Champion? Train outdoors, in the sea or the lake, and get adventurous by becoming a Spartan!

Our full time coach, Djordje Pavlovic who comes from Belgrade, Serbia, is a well known National canoe/kayak coach, with a full 19 years of experience, and has a true passion for paddling! When Djordje moved to Cyprus in 1999 he began spreading canoe/kayak sport in Cyprus, and since then he is head coach in the Famagusta nautical club (N.O.A).

In 2008, dragon boats were introduced to Cyprus, and not only did Djordje fall in love with dragon boating, but he immediately became one of the founding members of the Cyprus Dragon Boat Federation, with his club, Limassol Spartans. If you’re wondering why “Spartans”, it’s because his team is determined, motivated, and strong; just like Spartans! They fight as a team! Well, in other words, paddle, and that’s what makes them so strong.

As the years have gone by, dragon boat is becoming more and more known for its huge boats and dragon heads! However, today, the Spartans are still trying to make dragon boat more popular, and get people to be more interested in it.

Dragon boating is such a sport that anyone can do! It’s a full body workout with a great team spirit! With 3 teams at the moment, we are looking forward for more people trying out this wonderful sport, so go on and fill in this registration form and get on with your exercise!

Dragon Boating will make you start moving like a dragon, feeling like a dragon, and most of all, fighting like a Limassol Spartan.