Dragon Boat European club crew Championships- Sevilla,Spain


We are slowly getting ready to compete once again with full power, July 2thd-28th for the Dragon Boat European club crew Championships which will take place in Spain in the city of Sevilla.
We will be preparing teams which we do not know the number of yet but we are sure to say that our teams are only getting stronger and stronger!
Stay tuned for more updates!

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Results from the 13th European Dragon Boat Nation Championships


A warm welcome back to our teammates and a big congratulations for the results they have made! Our country was represented by 28 paddlers: members of Limassol Spartans, Zulus, Limassol Dragons and Raging Muflons.

It was not easy race, as every year more and more country teams show up at the championship. No mater what we try our best to compete  and to achieve results.

EDBF European Nations Championships Brandenburg 2018Medal Tableshttps://idbfchamps.org/2018bra?mode=overall_standings#medal_tables

Objavljuje European Dragon Boat FederationPetak, 31. kolovoza 2018.


Our athletes enjoyed the challenge and had pleasant time. And that we could see from the post of one of our team members Alexandra:

Here, to 28 crazy people who decided to challenge professional athletes. Here, to 28 mighty dragons, exceeding our limits. Here, to 28 willing hearts, united by one huge love to a great sport. Because Dragon Boat is ONE heart and a thousand hands ??National team of Cyprus on European Nations Championship of Dragon boat in Brandenburg am Havel, Germany, August 2018.

And of course if by any chance you couldn’t come to the event and you would like to see some replays. There is a full video on YouTube. Click here to watch!


You know you’re a real paddler when..


People tend to ask us,”what got you into dragon boat,what’s so special about it?”

Well,certainly the name itself “Dragon Boat” is pretty cool and it catches the eye,but let’s be real for a second.When you just start trainings ,you will be a but weirded out to how you will have to actually synchronize with other 19 people..also,your clothes get wet! Dang..you forgot your hat,and it’s 40 degrees outside! What else can get in your way..

But..you know you’ve become a real paddler when you get comfortable around your team,you get yourself a ‘bum mat’,some gloves maybe, a hat, an extra shirt! And of course,you buy yourself a paddle and take of it like its your baby..but that’s not it! You learn to synchronize with others,balance,listen to the rhythm of the drums,the sound of the waves,the muscles you are using,and most of all,the concentration you give in this 2-hour training.


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The perfect nutrition for a paddler


We have recently asked the coach of the team,Djordje Pavlovic, “ how do you keep in such good shape all these years and still have strength to paddle?”

He told us “easy,i am a vegetarian. But that’s just me. Everyone has a different view on nutrition in athleticism,so it always depends on the person.”

So he explained to us that not always do we have to stick to proteins and shakes and gym and all that to become “buff”. A real athlete should consider eating as much carbohydrates as he/she can; proteins are essential, weather it’s meat or cheese or fish, all these are essential.

Furthermore,exercise might actually be the most important part of staying in shape,so keep paddling! Hit the gym as well once in a week,it won’t kill you!

To sum up,as a spartan you should know by now what kind of food really helps you stay strong,healthy and motivated. So it’s not too late to make yourself a dietary program!