The perfect nutrition for a paddler


We have recently asked the coach of the team,Djordje Pavlovic, “ how do you keep in such good shape all these years and still have strength to paddle?”

He told us “easy,i am a vegetarian. But that’s just me. Everyone has a different view on nutrition in athleticism,so it always depends on the person.”

So he explained to us that not always do we have to stick to proteins and shakes and gym and all that to become “buff”. A real athlete should consider eating as much carbohydrates as he/she can; proteins are essential, weather it’s meat or cheese or fish, all these are essential.

Furthermore,exercise might actually be the most important part of staying in shape,so keep paddling! Hit the gym as well once in a week,it won’t kill you!

To sum up,as a spartan you should know by now what kind of food really helps you stay strong,healthy and motivated. So it’s not too late to make yourself a dietary program!