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Djordje Pavlovic
– President (addicted Dragonboat paddler)

Welcome to the Limassol Spartans Dragonboat Club page.

We take rather special pride in our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual group of sport enthusiasts from all age groups.

We come from different walks of life, different backgrounds and enjoy high adrenaline team sport that allows and embraces individuality.

Why paddle in a dragon boat?
Because Dragon boat paddling and racing is uncommonly good at creating a sense of belonging and teamwork. Basic elements like paddling technique, synchronization and physical strength are easy to master. But incorporating those individual elements into a teamwork, syncing with the rest of the crew, and all of that in sub one minute race on 200m brings challenge, but when done right ultimate joy and pleasure.
Dragonboating is very good work-out in a pleasant environment, and in company of like-minded people.
There are many levels of competition to add to the excitement. … or maybe not. Some people paddle just for fun. If you like to race, there are many events all over the World. Although dating thousands years back, in our part of the World, Dragonboating is fast growing and still and luckily not industrialized and commercialized sport.
Words or even pictures can’t give the due justice to this very exciting team sport with possibly the highest “density” of all team sports. On only 12.5 square meters of the narrow and long boat the team of 22 works together like a finest clockwork.
Do join us and give it a try!