Dragon boat Helm competition


You believe you are a good helm? Come and show us your skills.
Male or Female, with or without your team.
• Competition will be held on May 26th at Germasogia Dam starting at 10.00 am.
• Course set up “SPARTAN HELM COURSE” (100 met. x 40 met.)
• Participation in small and standard boats (no drummer)
• Race by time, points and penalty’s. Buoys and gates. Reverse helm, flag pick up and more. Course rules to be applied
• Participation fee euro 50 per Helm
Equipment will be provided. PS IDBF 22/12 and 12/9 boats. Paddlers upon request.
Prize for the 3 best Helms.

Team building event photos


We recently had a small race event on the ladies mile beach in Limassol. Here are some photos hope you enjoy them and we will keep you updated with more! We will keep doing these team building events to keep us motivated and work even harder! Go Spartans!

Limassol Marina Charity Event


So,we organized a charity event last Sunday,and not to brag! But we are more than proud to say that the Spartans came in first place with the biggest force we had to give for charity! Every teammate was amazing,and we just keep getting stronger and stronger.


Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you our dear coach who gave us the strength,will and pride to make this team the best! Spartans will always be Spartans!
For more updates and events,keep checking our website and we will keep you updated!