Dragon boat Helm competition


You believe you are a good helm? Come and show us your skills.
Male or Female, with or without your team.
• Competition will be held on May 26th at Germasogia Dam starting at 10.00 am.
• Course set up “SPARTAN HELM COURSE” (100 met. x 40 met.)
• Participation in small and standard boats (no drummer)
• Race by time, points and penalty’s. Buoys and gates. Reverse helm, flag pick up and more. Course rules to be applied
• Participation fee euro 50 per Helm
Equipment will be provided. PS IDBF 22/12 and 12/9 boats. Paddlers upon request.
Prize for the 3 best Helms.

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Results from the 13th European Dragon Boat Nation Championships


A warm welcome back to our teammates and a big congratulations for the results they have made! Our country was represented by 28 paddlers: members of Limassol Spartans, Zulus, Limassol Dragons and Raging Muflons.

It was not easy race, as every year more and more country teams show up at the championship. No mater what we try our best to compete  and to achieve results.

EDBF European Nations Championships Brandenburg 2018Medal Tableshttps://idbfchamps.org/2018bra?mode=overall_standings#medal_tables

Objavljuje European Dragon Boat FederationPetak, 31. kolovoza 2018.


Our athletes enjoyed the challenge and had pleasant time. And that we could see from the post of one of our team members Alexandra:

Here, to 28 crazy people who decided to challenge professional athletes. Here, to 28 mighty dragons, exceeding our limits. Here, to 28 willing hearts, united by one huge love to a great sport. Because Dragon Boat is ONE heart and a thousand hands ??National team of Cyprus on European Nations Championship of Dragon boat in Brandenburg am Havel, Germany, August 2018.

And of course if by any chance you couldn’t come to the event and you would like to see some replays. There is a full video on YouTube. Click here to watch!


Limassol Spartans at the EDBF Championships 2018 in Bradenburg,Germany!


EDBF, which stands for European Dragon Boat Federation is organizing the 2018 Nations Championships in Bradenburg,Germany, and

21 out of 28 paddlers will be our amazing Spartans, going to represent Cyprus!

You can keep yourself updated on the results of the facebook page of the EDBF, or the official website. We will of course as well keep you updated on the results as soon as we find out.

They will be racing in 16 different categories, in small and standard boats, each with strong and motivated athletes, and of course with their amazing coach, Djordje Pavlovic joining them as a paddler and as a helm. So wish our Spartans a GOOD LUCK on the championships and PADDLES UP!


For more info check out the EDBF facebook page.